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Sheila Fleet

Orkney Yole

Orkney Yole

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Orkney Yole

These Orkney Yole cufflinks in sterling silver feature a traditional sailing boat on the crest of a wave. The curved wave is hand-enamelled in 'Tempest' enamel in our Orkney workshop.

Sheila designed the Orkney Yole collection to celebrate Scapa Distillery, founded on the shores of Scapa Flow in 1885. Scapa’s single malt whisky, Skiren, is known for its smooth, creamy sweetness and its name means ‘glittering bright skies’ in Old Norse. Sheila’s design captures sailing boats on the shimmering waters of Scapa Flow, just below the distillery, with the enamel colours reflecting the greens and blues of the sea and sky

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